1. Why the number 17? 

We chose seventeen because it has a lot of meaning in numerology terms. It represents peace, fulfillment, and our favorite completion. 

2. Does the brand (Larry Taylor’s) make the product and ship it? 

We do not make the products themselves. We make the designs and choose how it will look. All our products are produced and distributed by PRINTFUL. You can see their shipping terms (usually about two weeks maximum) on their website Printful.com 

3. Where did the name Larry Taylor’s come from?

Larry Taylor is the grandfather of the creator. The idea of the original name “seventeen” to “Larry Taylor’s 17” came from a dream. You can read the full story on our about us tab. 

4. Will there be more designs?

YES, YES, AND YES! More designs are a most definite. Well be bringing more “graphic design” type shirts and more products to add on to our launch products soon. We also plan to do product drops and collections in the future. 

5. Why are some products labeled has “limited?” 

Any products with the “*limited*” are products that won’t be in the store long. These products are more for a holiday or seasonal purpose.