Style Done Right.

About us

The story. 


Originally it started as just seventeen. The thought  came to me when I was fourteen years old. I loved the thought of having something that was bigger than just a brand. I wanted something to stand for, something people could say they love, admire, or even strive to be like. The number seventeen (in numerology) is the number of completion, compassion, responsibility, wisdom, self confidence, self discipline, and strength. 

I wanted a company that could make a clothing brand that stands for going up and beyond average and striving to spread the message that there is greatness and leadership ability in all of us so long as we have the courage and strength to bring it out.  

The idea manifested so much that I dreamt one night that I was managing my very own store in a mall called Larry Taylor’s Seventeen. The name “Larry Taylor” comes from my grandfather who I see as a leader and someone admirable .  I called my grandfather that night and told him about how one day this dream of mine would become the real deal. After three years And several failed attempts of getting it off the ground, today I can proudly say I’ve made the completion in one of my many dreams; and most importantly, I can show my grandfather, LT, that the dream was never forgotten. 


      Fashion plays a large role in our daily lives. We wear it, it represents a part of us, it expresses us, and it’s a part of us. Larry Taylor’s goal is to provide a brand that not only appeals, but stands out. From unique designs you won’t find anywhere else to simple shirts with the brand name. A clothing store made so anyone can come in and walk out satisfied with something that represents them and stands out while keeping our message “17” in the mix (with designs people with love of course.)

The vision. 

      The vision or dream is, first of all, giving quality guaranteed clothing with beautiful designs, and secondly becoming a largely recognized brand with a unique and great message. One that everyone can appreciate and love. We want a store that can have anyone come in and quickly find something that appeals to them and their style. Our vision is that every person can have their style done right.

 -The founder Isaiah L