About us

The story. 

Originally it started has just seventeen. One-seven. The thought  came to me when I was fourteen years old. I loved the thought of having a brand something people could say they love, admire or even strive to be like it. At first it just meant completion. The number seventeen is the number of completion a symbol and a number to chase after and complete a goal or a dream. The idea manifested so much so that I dreamt one night I was managing my very own store in a mall called Larry Taylor’s seventeen. The name came from my grandfather and adding “Larry Taylor” to the name made it sound much better to me. I called my grandfather that night and told him about how one day this dream of mine would become the real deal after three years and several failed attempts of getting it off the ground. But now I can proudly say I’ve made the first step into one of my many dreams and most importantly I can show my grandfather, LT, that the promise was never forgotten.   


   The thought of seventeen first came to me because I always like the number. It’s my favorite number and it’s uniqueness of signifying “completion” only made me love it more specifically with this brand, as the intent is to provide a brand that isn’t just different in comparison to the large and growing marketplace for clothing, but rather a brand that brings a totally new message and goal to the table, bringing fashion and chasing a dream into one. It’s the perfect and simple way, but also proof that after several failed attempts and years of trying to make a dream into a reality, if you put in the dedication of that dream, it can be come true. 

The vision. 

      The vision or dream is, first of all, giving quality guaranteed clothing, and secondly, eventually becoming a largely recognized brand. But to also push forward the idea that all dreams are achievable with dedication and hard work, that we all have the right to go after our dreams. Everyone should know that dreams don’t die when you fail; it dies when you stop trying. 

 -The Founder, Isaiah